Support our new project, Akar! Rumput is planning a tour of Indonesia for Summer 2018 with crankies, storytelling, songs, and international collaborators.

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Beyond the simple pleasure of of performing beautiful music and shadow theater, Rumput’s mission has been intercultural communion through study and collaboration. Last year we traveled to Java on the extraordinary opportunity of an invited 12-day residency. The timing lined up fortuitously with Andy’s academic research in Bali and the departure of three of our members for a year of intensive study in Java — Hannah on a Fulbright scholarship to study keroncong, Natalie on a Darmasiswa scholarship to study gamelan, and Edward on a Darmasiswa to study wayang (shadow puppetry).  We got to escort them overseas, play music together, immerse ourselves in the local culture, and collaborate with enormously talented Javanese musicians.

We hope to mount a similar journey in July 2018, the other end of our scholars’ study year. But this time we’re traveling on our own steam, with our own agenda, rather than on a sponsored, curated, and all-expenses-paid trip. This will enable us to dig deeper into the highly localized cultures of several Indonesian cities on a multi-island tour.

As you likely know, music is not much of a money-earning enterprise except for the highest-profile performers. We make our recordings of traditional music available for free, and play in small, low-priced venues suitable to an intimate experience of acoustic music and close-up views of the shadow theater.

We’re hoping to raise just enough money to fund travel to and from Indonesia, and touring and living expenses while there for 3 weeks. We’ve calculated a budget of $18,000 for 10 performers.

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Detail from Beth Reid’s “Brer Rabbit” crankie. Photo by Robert Parrish.